Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bella Has a new Mommy

This is my new big brother...his name is Titus...I think....and he is 50000 pounds. I think that is what his mommy said. He is my new big brother. He is very nice, but he is afraid of my kitty. I am going to miss my kitty. My new mommies name is Linda and she already loves me. I am glad she loves me, but I am going to miss my foster mommy and daddy and brother. And especially MJ and Zippy. I am not going to miss Miss Crabby Pants. (you know who you are)

This is me sitting with My new Mom, Linda. She loves her doggies so much she has a tattoo on her wrist. I wonder where she is going to fit Stinkerbell. Will she grow a new Wrist. I think maybe she will have to put it on her forehead so everyone can see it.

This is my goodbye cuddle with Zippy...How sad is it that we wont be together. My new mommy doesnt have a baby kitty. I will jsut have to fix that...Please mommy linda...please get me a baby kitty......anyhow everyone that read this....i just wanna say goodbye.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hi there ....I am still here...waiting for you. My foster mommy says you are going to get an adorable little girl... I can go up and down stairs now. I sleep all night in my crate..(when my crabby big foster sister cat doesnt steal it)...and I almost always make it outside to do my business. Hey...I am still a baby. Mom says I usually have one accident every couple days.

This is me and my kitty. She is the exact same age as me. Look how tiny she is. We sleep together. Usually MJ sleeps with us . One big sleepy family. anyhow ...i hope you guys take a second look at me. I am really sweet...I promise. And I love to play. and snuggle. See You soon..

Friday, April 13, 2007

What a Yucky Sleepy Day

Hi there....look how cute I am when i am getting ready to nap. I have been really sleepy today. I went for a drive with mom to gramma's house. She lives far away. I slept the whole way there. When we got there we went in the house and Gramma said I was really cute. She is a very smart gramma.

Heheheheh, look at me, fast asleep. I did alot of walking today. That is why I am so tired. I dont know if babies should walk so much. And I am such a cute tired baby right now. I sleep in my kennel at night, but in the day time I sleep wherever I want.

My dad took me for a walk tonight, and now I am sleeping with my big sister....make that foster sister, MJ. Look how big she is. Mom says that is cuz she eats too many treats. I do my best to help her along. Whenever I can I steal her treats. Anyhow, It is time for me to go to bed for the night. So does anyone out there want to know any more about me. I cant wait to meet my new are out there somewhere. goodnight.

Big Girl Is in the House

Look at me, I am sooooooooooo big. Everyday I get a whole lot bigger. I am going to be a nice big soft cuddly doggy. I went to a play area today with MJ. I followed her everywhere. She did her business, I did my business, it is so fun having a foster sister to copy. Mom said that when she went near a really smelly place, I didnt get to go there. Thank goodness, cuz mom can still smell MJ. Look who is the "stinkerbell" now.

I get very tired when we play alot. On the way home I cuddle on the front seat and go right to sleep. I love to sleep in the car. We went for three car rides today and I slept all the time.

Mommy had to go to work today, so I stayed in my "apartment" while she was gone. She put me in with some cookies and I went right to sleep. Mommy said she thinks it helps that she covered it with a blanket so I thought it was bedtime. When daddy got home I was just laying in there waiting. It was less than an hour today, so pretty soon I should be the perfect puppy for you....

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Goodafternoon everybody. Here I am again. My mom said if I look really carefully I will see my forever mommy and daddy in here....I seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you. Wow ...this is fun. I really like my foster mommy and daddy, but I am excited to try out some new ones too. So today was a really fun day. I went for two car rides. My foster sister and I went for a nice walk at the beach , two times. I am so lucky. I like to walk. Not so fond of that string they have me on, but I am getting used to it.

This is the toy I am allowed to bite. Hmmm...I like it when it squeaks, kinda like the kitty, but mommy says I cannot bite the kitty, just the cuz. The cuz can't get away. My foster sister doesnt like it at all. She only likes stuffy toys, and pretty much anything I want to play with. Kinda greedy really, but she is getting to be much more fun. I love to play with her and the kitty. I try and play with the big kitty, but she isnt having anything to do with me. "whatever," that is her loss. I am sooooooooooo much fun.

Okay so have you ever seen anything so cute. Look at my tongue. I stick it out when I sleep. Mom says MJ used to do the same thing. Wow...imagine me sleeping at your house and sticking out my tongue. I am sooooooooooooooo cute...and I only get cuter. See you soon Mommy and Daddy.... Gotta go run run run.....

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

You gotta Love Me

Hi Everybody....This is my very first blog so I hope I do it right. My name is Tinkerbell...My fostermommy calls me stinkerbell....she thinks it is funny...does this face look amused. I think not. Mostly, all my foster people call me Bella....and I like it. And I like treats. And I like kitties. And I like MJ...MJ is not my number one fan...but she is warming up. So far I almost always do "my business" outside. I had one accident today...and one yesterday. I say that is pretty darn good for someone who is only 8 weeks old.

OH man, just look at me. I am so cute. I bet you can't wait to be my forever family. My mommy said I am just like a nice warm hotwater bottle...when I snuggle...and tonight I am doing my first night in the "kennel." I don't really know what that is, but mommy says I will love it. Hmmmm...well we will see all about that missy...anyhow, I hope that someday, someone that is reading this...will be my mommy or daddy...see you soon.